Frequently Asked Questions

Why another Bible translation for Vietnam?

The New Vietnamese Bible (NVB) translation project began for many reasons. One of the primary  reasons was to provide the churches of Vietnam their first Bible translated by a team of Vietnamese Pastors from different church backgrounds and trained in the original languages of the Bible ─ Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.  Vietnamese Bible, Inc. guided a committee of ten Vietnamese Theologians who translated and edited the texts of the Bible as a team, keeping the text true to the best available Bible manuscripts as it was translated into today’s language of Vietnam. Every book of the Bible was completed with the advice, consent and training of Bible language specialists from United Bible Societies and the Wycliffe Translators. Another important reason for translating the NVB for Vietnam was because of the inability of non-believers and young believers to understand the language used in the older versions. Since the language has changed there was a great need to translate the Bible into the official, current language of Vietnam.

Does the NVB represent any particular denomination?

The NVB was translated directly from the original languages by 10 Vietnamese theologians representing five different “Great Commission” Christian Denominations. This was done under the direction of the multi-denominational VBI Board of Directors.

Can I read the NVB on my iPad, iPhone as well as my PC?

Yes, digital formats of the NVB can be found on all three platforms.

  • Download the YouVersion app on your app store and select NVB.
  • View the NVB online on this website.

How many copies of the New Vietnamese Bible have been distributed through 2013?

  • Bibles – 350,000
  • New Testaments – 850,000
  • New Testament portions – 105,000

Where are the Bibles printed?

All Bibles, New Testaments and Scripture portions are printed in Vietnam, each copy being fully registered by the Government of Vietnam.

Are my donations to Vietnamese Bible, Inc. tax deductible?

Vietnamese Bible, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Mission Organization. All contributions are tax deductible in the USA.