Vision of Vietnamese Bible, Inc.

Providing the Holy Bible to Vietnamese of the world in their most current heart language from an accredited team of Vietnamese Theologians, translating from the original languages used by the authors of the Holy Scriptures.

world Our Mission

Our Mission is to make the New Vietnamese Bible (NVB) available in today’s language of Vietnam. Vietnamese Bible, Inc. carries out its mission by:

  • Providing a translation of the Holy Scripture that is faithful to the wording of the original language Biblical texts
  • Utilizing appropriate communication media that allows the Word of God to come alive in individual and public life
  • Achieving the widest possible, effective and meaningful distribution of the Holy Scriptures
  • Making the NVB as accessible and affordable as possible for as many Vietnamese as possible

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book  Our History

“At the end of the war in Vietnam in 1975, a number of Vietnamese came to the USA. Among them were four Christian Theologians who had been selected by United Bible Societies in 1973 to translate a Bible for their people.

After these men settled in America with their families, they met with several other Vietnamese Theologians (and scholars), formed a Translation Team and selected Rev. Tran Dao as Chairman. They organized as the Vietnamese Bible Society, and began praying earnestly for the Lord to raise up churches that would fund the translation of this new Bible. Their goal was to translate an accurate, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand Bible from the best available Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek Bible texts into today’s language of Vietnam.”

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Board of Directors

*Leon Taylor, Chairman of the Board & Executive Committee (Baptist – Retired Educator)
*William L. Holmes, Vice Chairman, Exec. Comm. and Publication Committee Chair (Episcopal – Energy Business)
*Carol Reinert, Sec./Treas. (Lutheran – CPA Firm)
Dr. Gerald Kendrick (Christian Church – Ordained Minister and Former UBS Consultant)
Rev. Luke Martin (Mennonite – Ordained Minister and Former Missionary to Vietnam)
Dolores McCall (Catholic – Energy Business)
*Walter F. Pate, Publication Committee (Non-Denominational Church – Architect Firm)
Rev. Norman Coe, Publication Committee (Baptist – Vietnam Veteran, Ordained Minister, Director 2nd Mission)
Steve Becker, Publication Committee (Non-Denominational Church – CPA, Broker, Business Leader)


*Dr. Dao Tran – (Baptist – Ordained Minister, Translation Comm. Chair, Coordinating Editor and Advisor)
*Evaughn Taylor – (Baptist – Retired Educator, Associate to the VBI Chair)
*Mark K. Leaverton – (VBI Founding Attorney)

Board Members – Emeritus

*Robert C. Bledsoe – (Episcopal – Attorney)
*Edwin H. Magruder – (Presbyterian – Energy Business)
Dr. Spencer Sutherland – (C&MA – Former Missionary to Vietnam)
*Mrs. Zelma Parsons – (Baptist – Homemaker)
Donald B. Jones – (Methodist – Banker)
Dr. Harold Partin – (Assembly of God – University Math Professor)
*Mark P. Piette – (Catholic – Geophysics Engineer)

*Mrs. Carol Schrank – (Bible Church – Homemaker)

Board Members – Deceased

*Kelly Brown – (Baptist – Petroleum Engineer)
*C. Neill Moore – (Methodist – Real Estate Broker)
Mrs. Charlotte Ellis – (Presbyterian – Homemaker)

*Founding Members (Fall of 1986)

I have just received the NVB you sent me today. I read the several passages and I am so content with it. It’s like I could feel the presence of our loving God when I read this, contemporary, intimate Vietnamese…

Vietnamese College Student in Da Nang